new homepage design for nonchalant mom!

I have been meaning to do this for awhile now, but hey... we've been busy! But I found a moment to squeeze in a new design for the homepage! It helped that when I took the images for the new Nico Nico collection I just fell in love with them... so honestly, it was easy! It came together perfectly and I think it looks great! But you are the ones to tell me!! I would LOVE to hear what you think, so make your comments, constructive or not, and we will do what we can to make everything easier and more fun for you to shop!

We are planning many more things coming down the pipeline, but most important are the NEW COLLECTIONS!! This season I changed things up a bit, you are going to see some new collections that I think you will LOVE... just as much as I do! I thought it was time to look at things and give you some surprises!

This week is a new jewelry collection that I love called nikki b. - I think that you will love her fine and delicate things, they are fun to wear and the kind of thing that works for all day and then can also be special enough for night!

I think that you all dipped into a bit of the wonderful knitwear line called nico nico - organic, colorful, well constructed, I can't think of anything that's missing from this line and I love it!

BOdeBO is a really fun and exciting collection from France that I have been watching and finally decided it was time to add it to Nonchalant Mom. It's cute, playful and colorful... just what you need to make every day fun for your kids!

You already know Makie' very well, and I know you love her and so do I... as I have said many times, she is one of the reasons that I started Nonchalant Mom! This season I have a few things for mom as well as for kids and just a few funny accessories!

That's for this week... next week...

Matta, kit+lili and Lucky Wang will all be arriving soon!

Stay tuned and don't forget to tell me what you think about the new homepage design!!