jess brown dolls and wovenplay!

Jess Brown and Wovenplay collaborated on a collection of dolls that are simply perfect! I love how each peice has amazing detail just like wovenplay clothes for kids! I have to say that when I got the email from Katherine that she was going to work with Jess on some dolls I was so excited! What a perfect combination! Jess the most talented doll maker I have seen! and Katherine (wovenplay) just the most creative AND talented dressmaker I have met!

It's almost impossible to escape the trappings of Barbie and Cinderella when you have a little girl and no matter how hard you try they day will come when your little girl will see that plastic pink doll with big hair and somehow it just seems to be built in. But with the Jess Brown dolls at least you can put it off as long as possible! and somehow if you wish hard enough, these lovely rag dolls will not only be YOUR favorite but your daughters as well! (and the fact that you will drive miles out of your way if your daughter leaves her Jess Brown doll anywhere helps!)

Jess has always been inspired by beautiful textiles. She began making dolls for her daughter, Stella 9 years ago using old cashmere sweaters and antique remnants. As committed flea market goers, they would search together for amazing antique pieces, trims, buttons and findings.This has now all come together as a small line of one of a kind and hand made rag dolls.

Each doll is hand dyed in persian black teas to create variations in skin tones. They are all made of cotton muslin and linen, and primarily recycled and antique fabrics and findings. Each doll is stuffed with a sustainable corn fiber stuffing.
There is something truly beautiful about a threadbare, worn, and well loved doll that has been created with the finest materials.

Jess lives in Petaluma, California with her children Stella and Tiger and her husband Erio. She owns a small shop in town called maude with her good friend Stacy. She got together with Katherine from wovenplay last year and decided to make these wonderful dolls together! I'm so glad that they shared them with us!

Thank you Jess and Katherine!

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