vampire energy

Like I said in my previous post, lately I am a bit concerned about the 'energy' that races through our house! Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night to get your kids a drink of water and noticed how your house is 'lit up' with the various on-lights, electrical equipment, and clocks in your home? My favorite is when I hear a low 'humming' and notice that the TV is off, but the VCR is still rolling away through the movie--ever wonder how much energy that takes! yikes!!

Well the wonderful people at Good Magazine have posted a very simple graph on the Vampire energy swiping that may be going on in your home and how it can save you up to $270 a year on your energy bills, now you may not think this is much (although I DO!) but if you put together all of the homes throughout our country alone it comes up to just about $3 billion dollars of waste a year! geeze!

I would like to also talk about the wireless in your home, these are a huge part of the light's that blink late at night in our home and why the heck do we need that on all night! Besides the energy used the possibilities of what is pulsing through our home is alarming, so we are turning ours off at night. It may just be me but I also think that wireless has something to do with Colony Collapse Disorder (click here for the wikipedia page on CCD), it somehow makes sense to me so I am going to watch out and turn things off--what's to loose! and I'll be saving a few bucks on my energy bill!

I hate to be the scary voice when you visit my blog, I like to combine the good with the bad but this is something I have thought of quite a bit lately and it all really makes sense--let's try not to be so wasteful!