spring gardening!

This seems to be the year I am finally starting a garden... for the past five years I have wanted to do it but have not found the time and we have ended up with a share at the local CSA.. which as been great! and such a nice way to eat locally grown organic vegetables. But I really wanted my kids to experience the garden, I have such fond memories of walking into the garden and eating green beans and carrots right out of the ground! I wanted my kids to have this memory as well, I also want them to see what's growning how long it takes and help work the garden as well (I'll let you know how that goes as well...hhmmm.)

I also noticed this year that just about everyone was doing it... so how could I not!? As I went over to each of my friends houses we oogled over their sprouting seeds. So we dove into the project this weekend, the kids helped me start the seeds with these handy pods and then we will plant them soon enough!

I am also going to start a little 'nonchalant mom garden project' and I will be updating you on the progress of my low-maintenance approach to gardening. We will plant a portion the traditional way but then part of the garden will be an open project because last year when I planted my planters and flower beds I used my compost, which we happily dumped everything into including seeds, so we had wonderful, delicious tomatos and squash growning out of my planters last year. This year I am ready for them and I am going to dump my compost into a square of my garden and just leave it to see what comes up! low-maintenace nonchalant mom style! ...I will let you know how this turns out.

but for now I am happy to say that after two days we are already seeing some sprouts!