happy earth day!!

I hope that everyone will take a moment to talk to your kids about our earth and how we need to take care of it... kids always have great things to say about the earth! I love the fact that there IS an Earth Day a visionary idea started by Senator Gaylord Nelson 40 years ago to try to involve politics in the environment. If you watched the Frontline: Poisoned Waters you learned more than that... if you didn't please try to watch it!

We like to pretend that every day is Earth Day around here, but I think that most of you do the same as well! Try to find your way to live in harmony with the planet and live in a more simple way. You don't have to do it perfect of be any kind of advocate just start somewhere and it will feel good to you and then keep going from there, hang out your laundry to dry, plant some herbs with those flowers you like to grow, and the list goes on and on.

When I was young and working for Esprit, they used to make a big deal about earth day and we did loads of things.. it was so much fun, building and fixing houses for people that needed help and children's shelters, cleaning up the beaches of San Francisco, and Planting trees. There were lectures by amazing people and it started me on a path to environmental awareness! Thank you Esprit!

So get out and do what you can today, even if its just cleaning up the garbage on the street... make it out of the ordinary so that your kids ask you what the heck you are doing!! Then you get a chance to explain.... Earth Day!