for the home--Paola Lenti

My friend Karen gave me this link because Paola Lenti is opening a showroom here in the US--very exciting! Paola Lenti is an amazing Italian furniture company that wonderfully combines rich texture and great design, not to mention really stunning color! I like the combination of a simple weave in many of her furniture designs, braiding or crochet that when incorporated with her impossibly simple style the result is classically perfect and without pretension. You can really feel that these are new shapes and truly unique furniture and I think that her rugs are so very innovative.

These wonderful chairs (above) are woven with wool rope to create the upholstery it's a wonderfully simple look that I think could bring beauty to just about any room.

I think that the unique aspect of Paola Lenti is their attention to indoor and outdoor furniture, no where can you find this approach to design more fun and at the same time extremely sophisticated. Although in MY house it would look much more fun and less serious than these really perfectly styled images (for example toys thrown everywhere...), but I think that that is what is great about this furniture, I can see this looking fantastic with just about any interior, at the same time making any interior enhanced by it!

so should we now talk about your exterior possibly looking anywhere near this cool! Life always throws something your way to make you desire something, and why not this furniture!

It's all a look that I deeply desire and well... we can all dream can't we! Thank you Karen for sending this information our way!

visit their website for more information