Children's Television !!

Our 3 year old was home sick the other day. Normally we don't encourage to much television but with her energy level at a low and the fact that there is still plenty of work to get done, I compromised and let her have her favorite pillow and blanket for a relaxing time in front of the television. At our home, one of the favorite channels to watch is Noggin. We like our local PBS station too, but currently the favorite is the programming on Noggin. There are a lot of fun programs on the channel that our 3 year old, (and even our 7 year old), watches with interest!

Because, as she watched, my temporary desk was set up at the kitchen table where I could see her resting and watch what she watched - I thought I'd provide todays blog!

One of the things I like about the channel is the emcee or host of the site: I think his name is 'Moosehead' Moose - and his cute blue sidekick 'Zee' fluttering away. Moosehead has a very folksy and friendly (read: patient) approach, his voice is very soothing - kind of like how you'd wish a friendly Uncle or Grandfather might be. Below are some of the favorites at the moment:

Yo Gabba Gabba:
Hands down the strangest thing on children's television since the 'Teletubbies' were first introduced. From the start, with the host, DJ Lance Rock (dressed totally in his orange one-piece with his fuzzy orange hat), setting the tone - the whole show is one long rave/rock concert of music, dancing, and positive ideas of sharing, responsibility, and friendship. Sharing the stage with Lance is an odd mix of 'monsters' including the 'Red Cyclops', 'Pink Flower Bubble', and 'Yellow Robot.' The program is all over the place.... and I mean it too!!! When I first saw it I was 'mouth-dropping' awed - like 'what the heck is this strange thing?!?' Of course, after a few viewings since then I have come to sort of appreciate its progressiveness and strange hip-ness. The show even produces current indy-bands and some daring celebrities like Jack Black going all out in the name of entertainment. It is worth giving the time... but may take a few shows to get the hang of. Today while watching it I was wrapped in a flurry of quick editing, jumping rythyms, odd set ups, and whacky staging...... but my daughter and I were transfixed, and even laughing! REALLY CRAZY!!!

For a completely different pace, Oswald is a delight to the senses! You can't beat the pace, the color, and the animation/characters. Oswald is a big blue Octopus with a very friendly demeanor. His partners include his pet 'hotdog' named Weenie, his curmudgeonly friend penguin named Henry, and the enthusiastic Daisy. Together, they create slow adventures and dialogue that ring familiar. My favorite aspect is the music that accompanies the show!

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
Equally as cute as Oswald, Wubbzy is a cute and friendly character who gets into situations and seemingly finds solutions to getting out of them. Together with his scientist friend Walden, he is helped with ideas and solutions. His other friend Widget is the inventor who makes all sorts of whacky things to aid the group! Together they get into and out of things. I personally like Wubbzy's voice and all the colors!

I don't feel so bad when the kids awake before us and the eldest is in charge of turning on the TV for Saturday morning (we preset the channel the night before for ease!). I know I'm in pretty good hands with the overall feel of the Noggin team and feel my children laughing and talking back to the shows! The best thing is that there are no commercials to worry about - like even on PBS now....ouch! And, further, we have now discovered the website where the kids can play age-appropriate video games for an hour that help further their development and encourage their fair-play skills!