parasites!? --don't be afraid

I know this is a weird subject (and I'm kind of kidding with this image), but I would like to try to un-weird it for you and maybe help you to understand them better. Parasites are pretty darn common and you can go through a lifetime and not know you have them, honestly you don't really ever get rid of them but I think that there can sometimes be a problem when they are 'attacking' you (for lack of a better word). Candida is a form of parasite, just to give you an idea. Now don't go online and google parasites because it will freak you out, and this approach to parasites is not common and so you will see all kinds of craziness if you google them, and I am not talking about tape worm of these kinds of thing... it's more intestinal.

I would like to tell you a little story to get at the heart of what I am trying to communicate about parasites, this happened to me about two years ago and ever since I have wanted to share this story with you... because it was such a relief for me. On a yearly visit that I like to do with Dr. Warren King in Minneapolis two years ago he told me that I had a parasite on/in my colon, so he gave me a homeopathic remedy to get rid of it. When I had taken a few days of the remedy I called Dr. King to ask him what kind of remedy that was because for the past year I had had this kind of 'anger' that was pretty horrible and I couldn't really understand it--he explained that the remedy was for the parasite not for the anger, BUT the parasite was in my colon which would relate to the anger that I was experiencing. Getting rid of the parasite relieved that anger, and it was weird how it just disappeared. I was completely amazed. Now, I'm not telling you that if you are angry you have a parasite in your colon but rather, healing the root of a problem can really bring relief. If you have a chronic issue, that is fairly subtle, a parasite could be your issue.

Drinking certain teas can help you to combat parasites, the first is a tea that you can drink about once or twice a day called Pao D'Arco--I just went to search Pao D'Arco on google to make sure that I had the spelling right and I came upon a wealth of information on this medicinal herb which has links to curing cancer and helping thyroid problems--click here for more information. I don't have any experience with this myself so we are going to stick to the parasites. Another tea is Corsican Seaweed Tea, which tastes horrible! You can buy this tea in most Health food stores or at the Natural Import Company and here are the preparation instructions:

How to Make Corsican Seaweed Tea
Corsican Seaweed Tea is a fox-like plant which grows beneath the warmer waters of the Atlantic and Pacific. To Prepare: Add one-quarter ounce (approx. 12.3 grams) of Corsican Seaweed to 2 Cups of spring water. Cook down slowly until 1 Cup of liquid remains. Drink before breakfast or on an empty stomach and wait at least 2 hours before taking any food.

I also feel that drinking Kombucha is great for building healthy flora in your intestines. Kombucha seems to be taking the world by storm at the moment so you can find it anywhere! It has a crazy taste that you will get used to (and eventually crave), just don't freak out when that 'goo' lands in your mouth, it's all part of the beauty of Kombucha! (I like the original flavor best.. but you need to find your favorite!)

It may be hard to find a local homeopathic practitioner that is into this kind of thing but it's something to talk to people about and you never know when you might find a person, who has seen a person who is great!!! pass it on!! and if you are in Minnesota it is certainly worth a trip to Dr. Warren King, he is amazing!