I Love The New Baby At Our House...Most of the Time

Our new friend Blair over at Wise Craft wanted to share a new book coming out. We think it will be of particular interest to parents who are about to add to their nest! Or, it will be interesting to anyone who has more than one child! Anyway - Blair says:

When I got an advance copy of this book in the mail a couple weeks ago, my first thought was, "Where was this when I needed it?". I Love The New Baby At Our House...Most Of The Time, by Leslie Kimmelman, is a picture book/story/personal journal for those still little, big brothers or sisters who are suddenly presented with a younger sibling in their house.

As many of us know, as charming as the idea of mom having a baby or the family adopting a baby can sometimes be, the reality can very often be quite different. This book is a wonderful way for those big siblings to not only personalize to make their own, with drawings, doodles, and scribbles, it can be a lovely way for mom or dad to spend some quality time with their child, as everyone adjusts to a new baby. A great whole family gift for when baby comes, the added bonus is that those important little details get recorded too! How sweet it will be to read and remember things like what the weather was like the day baby came home...or the first thing baby did at home...

The release date for this book is June 9th, but you can pre-order the book at the link above!