The Beautiful Truth

I'm not sure how it happened but the movie "The Beautiful Truth" recently showed up in our mailbox from Netflix and it's one of those movies I didn't remember ordering, couldn't remember what it was about when it arrived, but the text on the cover sounded interesting so late one night we plopped it in and watched... I was really amazed at this simply wonderful movie! We had some friends over and so we all watched it together and it was unanimous... The Beautiful Truth is an amazing journey by a young boy and his father through the Gerson Therapy, it's implications, it's applications and so much more! The approach is so very simple in this movie that our kids watched it as well, and while they didn't understand all the details, I think it was great for them to see this young boy doing quite a bit of research to find out more about this most wonderous therapy.

While the Gerson Therapy is the main point of the movie I came away with so much more! ...and I am running out to get a juicer, if you are looking at making your life just a bit more simple you should watch this movie and let it move you to action. If you want to know more about the Gerson Therapy before renting the movie click here to go to their website or click here for more information on the movie.

The move also talks about cell phones, fillings in your teeth, and so much more! If you are wondering what is happening with the Bees... it becomes pretty clear that the colapse has a lot to do with cell phones. We are much more careful about what we leave plugged in at night and our wireless in the home and cell phones (see my next post on the vampire energy), it's not something to be afraid of yet something to be aware of... to help you live your life in a better way, if it doesn't make sense to you just don't do it, but you may surprise yourself when it is presented in such a simple and basic way.