winner of valentines day contest

we never promised we would do this in a timely manner! but we liked so many of the ideas... we chose a top five and then we put them all in a hat and chose a winner, like I said we liked so many of the ideas! so thank you all for participating and we will make this an annual event! -THANK YOU!

WINNER - angela
"This year, we made valentines for each other, friends, and classmates out of things around the house such as newspaper, magazines, cereal boxes, fabric, buttons, ect.
The valentines turned out great, and the kids are so proud of their creations. We even made a few to leave in public places for whomever may stumble across them! "From your secret admirer" Fun!"

we liked that they made the valentines public--what a great idea!

So thank angela! please email us all of your stats and you are the proud winner of a lucky fish sweetheart t-shirt! ta-da!!!