it's time for a workout - Tracy Anderson style!

I think that it was my body that was in search of a workout, and not really so much me... I had heard some things about this Tracy Anderson because she is the trainer for Madonna and Gwenneth Paltrow, but it was in Cookie Magazines February issue that a story ran about her and I found that she has made a workout DVD. I figured this was a wonderful answer for a busy mom to get into shape on her own time! and I was right! It's so great to do this DVD at home, no trekking off to the gym or yoga studio necessary, just a mat and weights (I actually don't even use those but instead two iron sculptures that "I think" weigh about a pound each).

I suppose that I should tell you a bit about this wonderful woman, who looks GREAT by the way, and has a young 10 year old son. At a young age Ms. Anderson moved to New York to pursue a dancers dream... and has since created her own workout method that sculpts your body, as she works on making your frame 'smaller' rather than bulking up, this is the idea that made me take notice... she somehow builds your muscles smaller (okay, those are not her words but you get the picture). The Tracy Anderson method is a really fun workout, it only takes an hour (when I first started doing the video I could cut it down to about 45 minutes because I would fast forward through some of it because I just couldn't do it!--psst don't tell anyone!) now after two weeks I already feel better, I actually like to pretend as I watch her do the workout that her body is mine--it just makes me feel better about it all and it's my little secret!

There are three workouts, and one should surely fit any of you; mat workout, cardio and the post-pregnancy workout. She asks that you do the workout every day or at least 4 - 6 days a week and for the first week I was so excited I made time for it every day... I know a workout video sounds funny but you will really see results, and it's fun AND you can do it on your own time! At this time of year when winter is just hanging in there and the more friends that I talk to the more depressed I hear that people are getting... the more I think this workout will really lift your spirits! it does mine and I have more energy for the rest of the day.

If you are living in New York she has opened a workout studio in Tribeca and she also has a place in Los Angeles go to her website for all the details on classes and to get your own workout DVD! (if you still are not convinced you can check on 'youtube' to see what her workouts look like)

If you decided to try it please share with us how it works for you!
(AND I am getting my husband to do it with me so I will tell you how that goes!... ha!)