more valentines

a little more in a rush but all the same we got our valentines day cards ready... I made them on 'inDesign' but the kids picked the image they wanted to use and all else, and then we just cut our hearts of all sizes from red construction paper, easy as pie! I thought they turned out pretty cute and it's an easy way to come up with cards for your kids to share with their friends at school.

I must say I still love those old fashioned ones, but all I can find these days is Dora or Thomas the tank engine... not as fun!

good luck with your cards and have some fun with it!


lesley said...

These valentines are great!

Anonymous said...

Aww My cute little Frannie, I miss that face.

Naomi said...

I love these! I gave in to Roo's desire for preprinted
(yucko!) Hannah Montana Valentines since they needed to bring 37 for everyone at her preschool although she did make real ones (doilies and construction paper) for her teachers. She and daddy went on a trip for Valentine's Day so Jasper and I got to spend the day together. I introduced my little sweetheart to tub crayons and he is totally addicted now!