rainy day tricks - Q-BA-MAZE!

You know how you go in and out of using certain games and toys, somehow we always remember Q-BA-MAZE on a rainy day! Last week was "winter break" for both our kids schools, so we went through all the tricks we had in the house and outside the house (I think that 'Nonchalant Dad' is going to share a few more with you this week), we had low and high points but not traveling over this holiday season was kind of a bummer for all involved so we made up with the lack of sunny weather or skiing by some household activities, and believe me we had our share of movies as well!

But really I think that it was Q-BA-MAZE to the rescue! I love it, our seven year old loves to build all of the different puzzle mazes and our three year old just loves to drop the balls down, so we all get into it. We made a bunch of different mazes from plans that Q-BA-MAZE offers on their website, there are about 25 different plans, a fish, a couple of robots, trees, a whole bunch of things! and then we made a few of our own! It was all a lot of fun and the colorful plastic pieces are really beautiful at the same time so it's lovely to watch too!

We happen to have two sets; the 50pc set and a 20pc set, this gives you enough to do many of the plans offered on the Q-BA-MAZE website but really if you have two 50 packs you could do all of them! In time I am sure we will have to move in that direction (since I sell them in my store it's inevitable!)

(there are marbles involved so if you have small children under the age of 3 years there is a choking hazzard)
you can buy Q-BA-MAZE at Nonchalant Mom if you click here.
see more plans at the Q-BA-MAZE website here.