The peanut story is so disturbing but I have grappled with the hitting home story in all of this, I know that there have been may people that were infected, but I wanted to hear the story of what it looks like... if you know what I mean. Yesterday I got an email from the people at The Root, which is an online magazine. This story will give you insight into what it feels like when your child could become sick with Salmonella, in a story by Hamil Harris, where he explains how "My Son Nearly Died of Salmonella" (click here for a link to the full story) this is such a touching story but, smartly, it explains what the onset of Salmonella looks like in a child. With all of the sickness, flu, etc. that is going around it is eye-opening to know the difference.

I would also like to point out that this is a good commercial for Organics, although this could happen to any business that has crooked ownership, this is obviously less likely to happen with Organics because of all of it's testing and restrictions due to the USDA Organic label and it's guidelines. I think that many times today we think that there is 'some agency' that is watching over business to make sure that our food is safe, I don't want to sound like an alarmist but if YOU grow it and cook it isn't it much better, cheaper and more wholesome. I also understand how complicated this is but I think that if people wake up to the desire for this our eating habits will become more clean and wholesome as a result. We haven't personally built our own garden yet so I am quite the hypocrite but... as they say... one thing at a time... let's all work on it and make this world a better, safer and more simple place for our children.

(Hamil R. Harris, who wrote the story on 'The Root' is a reporter for The Washington Post.)