domino, bye bye... whaaaa!

yes, I cried just like a baby! (just kidding, sort of... ) I am so sad to hear that one of my favorite publications will be calling it quits with the March issue... why is it that the the really GOOD magazines never stay around long, well at least they are in good company, remember Mirabella (in the beginning when Grace was at the helm) and what about H&G (yes, I like house and garden but for awhile in the 90's there was H&G and it was GREAT!). I can't imagine where I am going to get my inspiration... on a monthly basis! I love Cookie Magazine as well, but somehow it's a little high-brow for me, I loved that Domino was accessible. I feel really lucky that they photographed our house so amazingly and made it look like... well like a really cozy great house (it is! ha!).

So here is a possible upshot... I never really covered that kind of 'home' thing much because I thought that domino did it so well, so I will try my best to offer more home things on my blog, just to fill in some of the open space that is out there without Domino... We will try to get by until someone steps up to the plate and creates another very fun, spontaneous, exciting and inspiring magazine...anyone up for the challenge, come on Condé Nast!

and if you don't get Cookie magazine already on a monthly basis, you should...let's make sure that at least IT stays around for us to look forward to! It IS filled with great mom information!