krishna das

I don't often like to make posts that say "I did this or that last night" (a little too personal) but I really wanted to share this with you, first because it was amazing and second he is possibly going to be in your neighborhood very soon...

Last night we went to see Krishna Das in the beautiful First Unitarian Church in Providence Rhode Island. This was such lovely location to see and hear Krishna Das, it was a really beautiful experience and I am just giving you tip to keep your ears open in case he is coming to you! I don't know the entire story about Krishna Das, I was introduced to him by my local yoga center, All That Matters. I bought a CD and I was instantly hooked, in fact I cried the first time I heard him sing it's really enchanting. The evening consisted of kirtans of 2-3 hours with call-and-response chanting, we could only stay for an hour and a half but it was the most wonderful hour and a half I could have imagined. I had no idea what I was chanting, and Krishna Das thankfully said that that was ok at the begining, so chant away I did... I really recommend this to just about anyone. I am sure that eventually I will learn some of the chants but just the sound and the feeling for now are enough for me.

We didn't bring the kids, although I wanted to but we decided it was a bit too late for them, but they certainly listen to his CD and they chant along with him (and me) in the car. They really love it and ask for it all the time. I haven't heard all of the CDs but if you are going to get just one I would suggest "Flow and Grace" it also has a book with it which will give you some history.

here is the tour schedule:
(some of these are workshops so got to the website to find out more information about each appearance)

February 14 - Miami, FL
February 17 - Atlant, GA
February 18 - Atlanta, GA
February 24 - Nyack, NY
Feb 28 - March 3 - Bahamas - chant retreat
March 12 - 15 - Kripalu
March 27 - 29 - Ananda Ashram - Monroe, NY
April 4 - Toronto, Canada

You can visit his website here for more information about Krishna Das and to buy CDs.

I have to apologize for the photo but I was kind of embarrassed to take it, it was a little dark (and cozy), and I was way to embarrassed to use a flash... sorry! but I hope that you get the idea!