swedish pancakes

It happens just about once a week, it's Swedish pancakes for breakfast! Really the kids want them every day... but it takes some time so I have learned not to do it on a school morning. Swedish pancakes make a special morning treat, and we like to have them for guests when friends are in town. The ingredients are easy and you probably always have them in your fridge, I like to pull everything out of the refrigerator so that people can roll them up how they want. I grew up with sour cream + brown sugar but everyone has their own favorite, strawberries and whip cream, yum.

Here are some thing you can pull out: yoghurt, jam, lingon berries (
or cranberries), sour cream, brown sugar, maple syrup (for the americans), any berries in season; blue berries, strawberries, bananas, peaches or plums, you can see where I am going with this and its fun to fill the table with all of the ideas and then lay out your crepes for everyone to roll their own.

1 cup flour
1+ cup milk (I think rice milk works best! but don't tell my mom!)
2 eggs
some melted butter

whisk all ingredients together and you will usually need a bit more milk to get the right consistency, but it's easier to remember '1 cup flour/ 1 cup milk and 2 eggs'. Then melt about 2 tsp butter in your pan to get it ready and whisk the butter into your batter.

It makes any normal day festive, or a festive day all the more special!

I will put the disclaimer in that I don't have a real Swedish pancake pan and my mom is not ready to hand hers over to me, so rather than buying one I am going to wait until she is ready to give it up! for now, we just use a #6 iron skillet (I happen to have the best seasoned one in town, and they never stick!) and they look more like crepes but we still call them Swedish pancakes! (the picture below is of the real swedish pancakes)

Martha Stewart did a story recently on swedish pancakes (whoops, she called them Crepes) so she has a bunch of good recipes on her website as well, her recipe is a little more complicated but hey... it's Martha! and she has so many great ideas of things to go with them! visit her website here for more ideas.

Well I say, just have some fun with them and try lots of different things on top... savory is good too, not always sweet! share your ideas with us!