Spring Lucky Wang is here!

This spring the collections are arriving very slowly, but not Lucky Wang they are on their game and on top of it and it's really a sporty fun collection! My favorites are the Genie pants (seen in above photo) I think that the collection couldn't be better and more exciting! Emily and Kit, the dynamic duo that is behind Lucky Wang, really went to town with colorful and typically Lucky Wang prints... nobody does it better! Emily found inspiration for the Spring collection from blossoms on the cherry tree on a Tokyo street against the grey sky of early spring, a more quiet and soft collection, like the lace on the door of a cobbler, familiar and comforting.

When I opened the boxes of the new collection I saw these deep colors against some really lovely sweet prints and it really made sense to me! Now all we need is for it to warm up a bit around here! But if you are vacationing or lucky enough to live somewhere that it's already warm (yes! jump on it you New Zealanders and Aussies!)

Emily and Kit live in New York City with their two kids who are both in school (and in some of their pictures!) I wanted to get a feeling for their normal day, when I got her answers I decided that I am going to go and live with them... it sounds great!

NCM: who gets up in the morning with the kids?
EMILY: lately I get up in the morning first and try to make lunch and breakfast. then I wake Kit up, then the kids. And always... rushing out the door with them. We both walk the kids to school together.

NCM: what do you guys like to eat for breakfast?
EMILY: Mine is coffee. Kids' are baguette from Bouley Bakery with left over Cuban pernil, scramble eggs and fresh cilantro on top.
Kit's is fresh bread and cold restaurant style butter and coffee.

NCM: what is your favorite thing to make yourself?
EMILY: We like to make French country style apple cake together.

NCM: how do you feel about traveling with the kids?
EMILY: I like traveling with the kids, preferably without the husband.
We bring books, somewhat healthy snacks like fruits, paper and coloring pens. They entertain each other.

NCM: do your kids share a room?
EMILY: Yes, the kids share a room with bunk beds. They like it. They don't have a choice.

NCM: do you have any home design essentials or things that you love about your home?
EMILY: We live in a high rise apartment, 32nd floor with a view of Hudson river, Jersey and beyond. I like to watch the change of the weather from our place. Rain storms, snow storms, fog, and sunsets.

Over the last few years Emily and I have become friends (and Kit too, he has a really dry sense of humor that I love) and you better believe me, there is really no one that is more chic and totally 'cool' than Emily, she is at the top of my list!

Thank you Emily for taking a moment to talk to us and like I said before... I'm moving in!