colds, sore throat, coughing....sound familiar?

at the sign of a cold in this family I just run for cover, a cold can blow through our family like a tornado (we do lots of kissing!) I am now on my second round of infestation of a cold that has now settled into my chest, on the upside I have that sexy, raspy voice, but it's not so sexy on my kids...I feel so bad for them! BUT I do have some suggestions before you pull out that pharmacy stuff! visit this website, the steiner storehouse, and it will give you some good ideas of treatments that are all biodynamic and natural...I have tried many of them and have had terrific results. somehow with this particular cold I forgot and didn't really take anything, so there you go....as of now I am stocked up! for your kids I would suggest the Uriel pharmacy plantain/beeswax ointment, it feels a little like the old "vics" rub, but natural, we love it and the kids love to have their chest rubbed, very soothing! (plus it works!)

breeze through the section of weleda cold remedies to find what is good for your family, but you can be certain that these remedies are very organically clean and natural. the liquid echinacea is really good as well, and easy to give to your kids because it can just go in their drinks. we have also used their new echinodoron which are great because kids can just suck on them, not so scary! these are just some ideas, but they work for us, please let me know if you have some good, or even bad, results!

this website is also a great place to get terrific art supplies for kids (and yourself!) the best crayons on earth! and lots of other great arts and crafts....have fun!