i love treehugger

I was browsing around treehugger and came upon their 'how to be green gift guide', it's really terrific! I was going to do small posts on these ideas (and I still might highlight some of my favorites) but here it is treehuggers gift guide all in one shebang! we do our best when it comes to the holiday season to keep the bar low as far as gifts are concerned, but somehow I always end up buying a lego something or another, as much for myself as it is for my kids! last year I found a massive set at the flea market...is that green!? I think so....(hey treehugger there's one to add to your list!) ...good luck, I just suggest that you don't get caught in that last minute 'frenzy', that can destroy anyones best laid plans to stay green for the holidays. visit them here for some great gift-giving ideas!