Alternative Healthcare: Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine:

Herbal medicine uses the healing substances in plants to cure ailments. It is the oldest form of healthcare known to mankind and has been used throughout history by all cultures. Herbal medicines come in several different forms including: tinctures, teas and capsules. Several major producers of herbal medicine make preparations specifically for children.

Maybe you’ve already had success using calendula cream for diaper rash or chamomile tea with honey for a toddler with a tummy ache and are now ready to incorporate more herbs into your medicine cabinet. There is a wealth of information to help guide you in making herbal choices for your child, but be sure to exercise caution and remember that beyond being pretty plants, herbs are medicines and should be treated with respect.

visit herbsforkids - this is a great site for general information about treating children with herbs and a good source for purchasing products.
visit mothernature - is another great site for information on herbs, vitamins and homeopathy

Alternative Healthcare refers to a diverse range of healing practices (some have been around for thousands of years!), which we currently view as “alternatives” to the Allopathic method we have become accustomed to. Many of us have dabbled in these so-called alternatives with encouraging results and some of us rely on Homeopathy, Reflexology and other natural options as our primary defense against disease and discomfort.

At Nonchalant Mom we believe that parents, working with the support of their trusted doctors and healthcare practitioners are the best advocates for their child’s optimum health. If you are curious or feel instinctively drawn to a particular method then arm yourself with information! To jump-start your investigation we have provided you with some basic definitions and a wealth of informative websites.