holiday greeting cards

it's that time of year again! I personally love this tradition, my parent's always sent out a photo of the family (sometimes just the kids). I think because we didn't get to see our immediate family much since they were in sweden, that my parents did this just to keep in touch (and I also think since we were the only ones in the US, my dad liked to show off a bit!) at any rate...we did it! and my sister and I have kept up the tradition with our families. we both usually cut a piece of colored construction paper in half, glued our 'family photo' to it and than wrote something nice in colored pen...somehow that was just our simple way of staying in touch!

as I passed through etsy shops this morning I found this nice company 'modern printed matter' that makes terrific cards that could include a photo, or not! either way they are beautiful...and you can browse through more etsy shops here for other wonderfully creative card makers! speaking of etsy, this is a good place to find small designers/artists making wonderful things...for that one-of-a-kind gift for that one-of-a-kind friend! check out the 'childrens' section for more wonderful things for kids....(but that's a whole other blog!)

good luck with your cards and the post office says you need to get them in by the 17th of december to get out by christmas!