hara warmer!

this is my invention...and I've been telling everyone about this for years and I actually tried to talk Tse cashmere into the hara warmer when I was working for them...but everyone just thinks I'm a little crazy. but I think this is the greatest invention AND it will keep you warm, I promise you. so here is the trick (well it's not really a trick, it's the truth, ha) your "hara" is located below your belly button and it holds your chi energy, if you keep your hara warm you will be warm all over. so take your favorite scarf, wool or cashmere work great, depending on how large it is fold it in half the long way (or we have folded ours three times the long way) and just wrap it around your waist like a sarong...you can wear it anytime and anywhere, and it looks super under jackets or sweaters AND best of all, it will really keep you warm! if you are pregnant I think it looks great to emphasize your lovely growing belly (especially if your top just isn't big enough to cover your belly). if you have a red scarf I think it is optimal to bring additional energy to your hara...we used the beautiful virginia johnson shawl to wrap meredith so that you can see how it works. one photo is the shawl as a hara warmer and the other as a scarf....so stay warm this winter and wear your hara warmer!!


melissa said...

I don't think you're crazy; I love the idea of a hara warmer. Very original!

e said...

i just tried to wrap my virginia johnson camel shawl and although it doesn't sit very flat, it definitely keeps me warm.

great idea, now if i could only find a way to make it look more flattering on me.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea ... actually, it is not new ... macrobiotic friends were making these and giving them as gifts in the early 80's ... they work to keep the hara (and kidneys)warm during the cold winter months.