Duct Tape Activities !!

Children don't often need fancy gadgets to be entertained. We are trained to believe this perhaps.... but it is just not true. Kids, even the youngest, have fertile imaginations and can be entranced by numerous simple things. Even a piece of string with an object tied to it can be fun, or taking all of Mommy's cutlery out of the drawer, or emptying the tissue box.... or worse.... unraveling all of the toilet tissue! Here is another idea that is less accessible without a parents help - but equally as interesting and often fun as all heck! Of course, as with all items found or made - we suggest parental guidance to avoid unforeseen problems. For example, applying the tape to Daddy's leg hairs does not always make for fast friendships!!!

Duct tape:
Kids love duct tape! In fact, they love it so much that you may have to hide it and dole it out to excited toddlers. A great and simple activity with duct tape will appeal to children of all ages. Simply wrap a piece of 2” wide tape around your child’s wrist – sticky side out – like a bracelet and send them outside. All manner of leaves, flowers and sticks will adhere to the tape making a beautiful piece of artistic jewelry that tells the story of your child’s outdoor adventures.