here's Little Lark !!

Started in 2006 by friends Christy Nyboer, a painter and sculptor, and Jean Sammis, a graphic designer and owner of Lark Press - Little Lark is all about doing things right. I love a company that can marry style with conscientious production. Little Lark uses 100% organic cotton and is proud that its apparel is sweatshop free, USA made, and each item is silk-screened by hand ( I always love that) so each garment is not exactly the same and with that you get the feeling that your item is unique.... well..... like a piece of ART! even the presentation is part of this aesthetic - all hand printed. your item will arrive in a lovely Muslin bag that is reusable - so whether it is intended as a gift, or just for yourself or little one, it will seem like a special present.

I think that the gnome would make a wonderful christmas card...and I love that all of the t-shirts are unisex, because who knows what your second or third baby will be! (just kidding...kind of!) lots of cute earthly looks! visit little lark here!