kit+lili are on a roll!
teresa and meg from kit+lili have created one of the most exciting new kids collections to come along in years...and we are all benefiting from it. although I don't think they were really going for it, I think it's really scandinavian! ha! or at least how all the kids in sweden run around in bright colors, it just makes everything more exciting. kit+lili is so simple yet clever that you say to yourself, I could have done that...just like a jackson pollock! clever, YES! I want to dress my kids in bright colors, organic fabrics and there it is the simple t-shirt. I love it all and I think kit+lili is going to take over the world!

meg hails from a talented family where her father created illustrated books for kids, she also was a designer at fenn, wright & mason...remember them!!...they were one of my favorites! and teresa, well this bombshell of energy will set you straight on anything...they are close friends in NYC, their kids are best friends, and they said to themselves one day, HEY...let's do this ourselves instead of talking about it all the time, well it's the right time and the right place! I think they were very resourceful with their production and have created something truely unique that will be a staple very soon! believe me, if I could I would buy everything I would...thanks teresa and meg!!
(you can find their collection at nonchalant mom and many others!)