music for kids...

in the 80's my musical tastes were as far away from punk or new wave as you could get, I was listening to jonny hartman, al green and barry white...hhhmmmm. about as wild as I got was when I had a passive interest in madonna. when it comes to kids music there are often two worlds, the dan zanes side of things or walt disney, but then I stumbled onto elizabeth street. certainly elizabeth street has quite a raw sound, there is almost an unrefined quality to the music but this is what makes it interesting, because the sound does not necessarily pander to your average child. Susan Kolbenheyer, the gifted artist behind the elizabeth street sound, is not seemingly interested in patronizing, she treats children as equals in her music. the rock and roll sound is lifted by susans beautiful melodic voice. some of the lyrics might sound a little risqué if you like your children to listen to something softer, but I find susan's lyrics to be engaging and fun. my kids laugh out loud when they hear the part about picking your nose! WHAT picking your nose? elizabeth street is a band that is refreshingly casual.

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