small magazine

I so look forward to each new issue of the smart kids book 'small magazine'. there is so much to love about them, their internet roots are not only innovative but they support all of the online small kids businesses in an intelligent way. maybe it's silly of me, but I don't really bother with much of the magazine trade as far as parenting and kids magazines go because I don't really share the same 'mind-set' as most of them, but when small magazine came to call....I jumped at the chance to be a part of an issue! I really love their easy natural take on things for kids, from toys, to furniture to super styled clothing editorial! and illustrations by fifi lapin that you will just about want to frame for your kids rooms.... small magazine is the top! subscribe (click here to subscribe) and they will notify you when a new issue is ready for your reading! thank you very much christine and olivia for bringing us small magazine!

above are nonchalantkids orange vest and waves t-shirt in the current issue of small magazine!