ed emberley - we love him!

my kids just can't stop talking about christmas, and if you even say the word 'santa' my daughter says...'he is going to bring me toys!' (she is two) and she just keeps repeating it until you respond. so while we are waiting for santa to bring toys we like to do some holiday crafts, at this time of year there are so many holiday crafts and usually they involve glitter etc...BUT take a visit to ed emberleys website and you will find some wonderful crafts for this holiday season (and even some great books!). we have done them over and over in our house and love them! you can find his christmas crafts here, but don't forget to visit all of his website for much fun and arts and crafts! have some fun--ho, ho, ho!

we also got his new wonderful book which is great for kids that are afraid of monsters! if you check his website you can see how the book makes monsters disappear.