more gifts...and then some!

I went onto the nursery works website as I do from time to time just to put together a wish list of what I WISH my kids rooms looked like...and I came upon these exclusive dolls! and well, I just about went nuts! besides wanting all of them for my kids I think they are just about the best gift, not only because they are wonderful but also because they are like owning a work of art! ...and better yet your KIDS will own some art (and PLAYING with it...ha!).

These super unique dolls are made by renowned Portuguese dollmaker Rosa Pomar, and using nursery works fabric. Cloth dolls are a part of Pomar's heritage and a Portuguese cultural tradition, she is the granddaughter of famed painter Julio Pomar, but the dolls came by way of inspiration from her mother. I think that making dolls for your kids (with your kids) is just about the most fun and rewarding project you can do for your kids. I hope this gives you inspiration, and if not BUY ONE of these..I'm going to!

nursery works is know for their clean and minimal bedding (for cribs and twin size), and they also make whimsical furniture for kids rooms...it's all good, and visit their website to find a retailer near you.