hostess gifts...

I just had some ideas for hostess gifts, and since it's the time TO BE JOLLY I figured I might pass them onto you!! one of my favorites is Glögg, which I like to make myself, just stick some yummy spices: cardamom, cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange peel (rind, whatever..), and wrap them in cheesecloth and put in a jar of vodka (just a cup or two) and let it sit overnight (or even more if you wish) and then mix with a nice deep red wine (even one of those big jugs) and then pour into two smaller bottles, put on a lovely little handmade label and a recipe to add sugar and serve warm with raisins and almond slivers....it's super gift!

or try these from my store!! ha!
wonderful thomas paul plates
jobs christmas table runner from the 1940's (approx 10"x 30")
ok this is a REALLY nice hostess gift! virginia johnson shawl!
could you give a margaret solow necklace! YES!
the wonderful scent of Indu is a very 'sweet' gift! your hostess will think about you every day!