piet hein eek-the dutch have it!

on our recent trip to amsterdam we found this wonderful furniture maker, piet hein eek, and his pieces were everywhere...in the childrens stores we visited and also at our hotel...to name just a few. I think he is known as 'the imperfectionist' and he makes these treasures with scrap wood! eek is making a name for himself by being ecologically responsible (it's wonderfully obvious) but when you see these pieces close-up they are highly styled with detailed craftsmanship. so many of his pieces were favorites of our family but we only got to take home a bird house (which I treasure and carried through the airports and customs with pride and a bit of irritation). he has an extensive collection of kids furniture and then there are pieces for the home that will blow your mind! we loved it all and some day we hope more of his pieces will be ours. I don't read dutch so I can't tell you many more details, just that we love him! "piet hein eek is a lover of nature, a socially responsible individual and someone who admits, without a trace of self-consciousness, to wanting to make the world a better place." a quote from a NYT article on him that has a few more details. I didn't find anyone selling his furniture here in the states but he does have a website click here.