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As you know we just received new necklaces from Aleishall, aren't they so lovely! I think that being pregnant has put her creativity into hyper drive -- but really, I always love her pieces. If you are not already familiar with them do not miss taking a look! Her pieces are all one of a kind, I give her a few words and she just goes with it in her way! She has the most amazing eye for color and mixing patterns I think it's a true and raw talent (it also runs in her family I think!). This time the it was: "how about smaller size beads longer strands (or long-ish), I still like fluorescent although mixed, whites and nudes... Is it totally crazy to say that I am inspired by minimalism, celine and Ethiopia..." I have no idea how she will take this I just say whatever inspires me and she just runs with it with her inspiration at the moment! I have to say, it's a delightful way to work, isn't it!?

I thought it was time we get to know Aleishall so I asked her to write a blog for me. She is pregnant at the moment and I can almost feel the waves rushing through her as I read through her story. She took this chance to let some deep things go, and I am sure that you will completely relate as I did, with tears of love in my eyes as my mind was almost there with her. This is what Aleishall wrote:


I am 32 weeks pregnant with my second child and this has not been an easy pregnancy thus far. While I have to give thanks that there have been no serious complications I have been uncomfortable pretty much from day one. Varicose veins, headaches, nausea, back aches and lack of sleep have all contributed to making this a challenging 8 months.  Already having a toddler ( my daughter will be three in June) also intensifies the experience, as there is far less time to dedicate to your changing body. My patience has been thin and my emotions have been all over the map making for some interesting conversations/arguments/fits about what my almost three year old picks out to wear, or what we're going to have for dinner. And then there is the process of getting ready to welcome another little person into our family. The grieving that inevitably happens of the way things are now and the overwhelming anticipation of having another baby and a sibling for my daughter. One would imagine that having done this once already I might be more prepared but it feels just as new (albeit in a different way for different reasons) this time around. What will it be like to have two children? How will my daughter react to her new sibling? How will this change my relationship with my husband? What will a family of four feel like?

All this being said, I am incredibly excited for the arrival of this person that I already love deeply. I have been doing a great deal of complaining lately so upon Carina's brilliant suggestion I would like to honor this baby and all that we've been through so far and share my ten favorite things about being pregnant.

1. The movement of the growing baby in my belly.
2. The thicker, more lustrous hair
3. The cravings (for me it's been: root beet, cereal, kraut, little gems salad greens and vinegar)
4. The changing shape of my profile.
5. Listening to my daughter talk to the baby
6. Extra pedicures
7. Thinking about and discussing names with my husband
8. Spending time with my amazing midwife
9. The nesting urge
10. Daydreaming about who this little person is inside of me


Thank you Aleishall for sharing your delicate and sweet story!

(I suggested she make some Apple Tea... wonderful during pregnancy! ..  recipe here)

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