hostess gifts - summertime favorites

It's summer and time to visit friends and let kids play together! Throughout the summertime we have friends coming and going and when that's not going on we take off and visit friends all over the place as well! It's the best part about summer right!? So when the time comes it's best to be ready with some hostess gifts at hand... so here are a few of my favorite suggestions for this year.

items from nonchalant mom left to right: 1) aleishall girard maxon necklace ($158) 2) atsuyo et akiko pillow ($68) 3) atsuyo et akiko JE TAiME bag ($58) 4) julie rofman bracelet ($75) 5) rosenberg cph tea or coffee cozy ($48) 6) kit+lili zip pouches ($24) 7) Lucky Fish tea towels for the Edible Schoolyard (proceeds go to the edible schoolyard) ($24) 8) kit+lili tote bags ($68) 9) Britt Beautiful Skin System ($36) 10) erica tanov gold leather zip pouche ($110)

1) Chemex coffee maker (it would be nice to give coffee beans as well) - $65 2) his + hers coffee cups by Johnathan Adler ($24) 3) proud mary textiles pouche ($36) 4) for kids, a set of melamine plate/bowl/cup by Thomas Paul ($26 each) 5) Thomas Paul melamine plate set ($40) 6) everyone needs a good brush, love this one! horse hair hand broom ($14.95) 7) Duluth Pack canvas perfect tote bag ($95) 8)  CB I Hate Perfume CB I hate perfume outdoor spray a natural and nice way to keep bugs away ($19-$110) 9) Americana puzzle ($25)

I hope you like all of these ideas... but it's also nice to make something... just about anything, potholders, pillows made from scarves, granola (see my recipe here its delicious)... you know whatever you can make that is good... !!

Have Fun!