plastic necklaces crossed in front (makie dress)

how the back works

I don't know about your kids buy when Franny gets into my jewelry drawer I am usually delighted that someone is actually wearing the stuff so I can't get mad! Lately she has been wearing necklaces like this... crossed in front and I actually kind of like it and wanted to pass it on!

okay so this is how you wear them... really

I also wanted to explain it because she did it while we were photographing the Makié collection and I thought it looked... well pretty neat! So I did want to explain to you that the dress does not come with the cross of beads in front... that's my jewelry she is wearing! I collect these necklaces from flea markets, they are cheap plastic beads, I first found them in a junk shop in Amsterdam and bought a pile of 10 of them for $5... I wear them all the time and then realized they exist here too (I feel like they are a cross between plastic and melamine?), I have lots of rich colors but these are my favorite. I am sure that someone has the details, maybe they are from the 70's but I love them!

So wear them how you will but bead-up and jazz up any outfit! (sorry, that is not such a with-it word but whatever...)

Have Fun!

with new makie dress.. coming soon to website!