hot dogs! (again)

I will always remember my Uncle Hasse making these wonderful hot dogs, I was reminded the last time we were in Sweden he made them for Sander and I thought they were such a delicious memory. Now we make them at home like this and when kids come over they are always curious about how the heck we do it!

Anyway, if you are sick of getting buns for your dogs, then try this and add a whole new fun to hot dogs! We like to use tooth picks just to make the whole endeavor more festive! Just cut hot dogs into three pieces and then cut a cross down the middle half way and toss around in a cast iron skillet and then make these wonderful flowers! Yum! love them!

I also thought of this post because at midnight (or even 1 or 2 in the morning) on Midsummer, in Sweden, my uncle usually fires up the barbecue (he loves the Weber grill) and makes hot dogs..... because you know, it's light until 3 or 4 in the morning on Midsummer! Which is celebrated tonight in Sweden!! Dancing, Festive parties, great food and drink... oooohhhh how I wish I were there!

Have Fun!