japanese paper goods! {my favorite!!}

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I love all things paper, colorful and fun! and all of this comes together in this perfectly wonderful online paper source called: UGUiSU Japanese Paper Goods. It's just about impossible not to rack up a big bill... as I did... with all of her amazing things! If you are planning a party, go here first! But even if you are not make your personal notes and cards, or even just the tape you use, more beautiful with the help of UGUiSU.

gift tags

hand towels

tired of boring post-its!? check out these!
here is a tutorial on how to use post-its! (in case you don't know!)

wrap creatively! (say bye bye to boring!)

simply beautiful notes!

a large supply of tenugi!

kitchen gauze towels
how to use your gauze towel!

kids bored? pull out the origami! have your kids teach you how to use them!

how to use your tenugi!

the BEST japanese magazines!
inside magazine (so much better than OURS!)

wonderful japanese how-to books!

hate plastic straws? use paper straws!
They have a great shipping policy (everything is shipped straight from Japan) and it doesn't cost too much. It's a really fun shopping experience so HAVE FUN!

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