SALE :: keep it going!

We decided to keep the SUMMER SALE on all womens collections going on until FRIDAY, JUNE 17th! There are quite a few amazing things left and when this sale is done... it's DONE and we will be getting ready for Fall to arrive (what!? can you believe it... I can't!)

use code: 'summer' at checkout to get the discount - pass it on!!!

SO shop while you can and get something good for yourself, hurry while it's above 75° for a few days here!

HAVE FUN (and I am trying to figure out what goes on sale next... any ideas!?)

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dolittledesign said...

This really resonates with me. I also believe in having 'down time' and the art of 'doing nothing.' I can't agree with you more on how much enjoyment it brings just pausing and watching children play and read. I also believe 'vacationing' is not so much as physically going to places but being in a relaxing state of mind… I am leaving my laptop behind when going on trips this summer. Have yet to convince my husband to do the same. Happy first day of summer.