new and good :: prtty peaushun

It certainly has a funny name, not exactly catchy, but I think I really like this product. It has a lot going for it and vegan and great packaging to boot! Check out the website for the list of what it doesn't have (all the bad stuff), but what it does have is lots of the good stuff! Plus it has the added greatness of looking terrific too! Prtty Peaushun is a body lotion that you can buy with a slight tint to it light-medium-dark (or not-plain)... nice... it feels light and cool going on, but use it sparingly otherwise it's a bit weird, but nice and glossy.

It has a delightful shimmer, not a big shimmer just a bit and it looks totally natural, just more... smooth and gorgeous. I think it's a perfect summer creme, when I happened to wear it out a bunch of people commented that I have such nice skin (this doesn't happen usually so I thought I would say it...) - the package says: "look good in your birthday suit" nice idea, right? It claims to make your body look better and more 'well defined'.. whatever... I like it!

Now here is the part that I like about this stuff.. there are some wonderful things in here like; arnica, japanese green tea (with caffeine, whatever that means?), calendula and rosemary, there is more but check the website for all ingredients. My favorite is really the arnica, what a great idea... when it comes to my body I feel like I always need a bit of arnica! And what there is NOT is a good healthy list too: no toxic ingredients NO DEA, GMS's, parabens, petrochemicals, pthalates, propyl alcohol, propylene clucol, sulfates, synthetic dyes or frangrance, talc, toluene, triclosan, not animal by products and not tested on animals. It also happens to come in a terrific package, which was the original reason I bought it since I am looking for packaging for a product that I am doing... a pouch, so that you can squeeze out every drop, what a great idea!

click here to visit the PRTTY Peashun website