take a deep breath and then do this....

when I lived in Italy we worked in our design studio like crazy...all hours! we loved it, but we ate, slept and drank work! after a year or two this I started to cry if you even looked at me wrong, it was weird...it just came out all the time and just about every day! I decided to see this wonderful macrobiotic doctor, that we were lucky enough to have in our small town, about this and she told me that I was depressed...but I was sure that I wasn't, I was happy with what I was doing...all was fine, but she said that I needed to get out and have some fun and not work all the time. she also gave me this tea to drink everyday, and I did and I started to go out a bit and within a week the crying was gone... now we drink this tea whenever we can!

apple tea recipe

three apples cut into chunks
about 6-8 cups of water
3-5 GRAINS of salt
and about 1/2 a teaspoon of magnesium (in liquid form, you can find it here)

simmer for an hour covered, strain off the juice and add the magnesium (if you are in europe it's easier to find this and if you are going to europe get some and bring it back!) and you have apple tea! put this in a thermos and drink the entire thermos during the course of the day...every day for as long as you want!

I also have a friend that does this same thing because he has too much energy, it helps keep him calm...I think this is a nice cure for a lot of issues, or at least it can't hurt! it sounds ridiculously simple but it tastes great and I really think it works!

If you leave out the magnesium I think it's a good drink for kids as well! we use it for a good-night drink in the winter...

and hey, I'm not saying the depression isn't a serious problem, and it is always good to see a doctor if these situations arise, but I would see an acupuncturist or a natural health practitioner so that you aren't offered medications straight away...good luck and drink up!