Bloesem :: my favorite blog... (next to mine of course!)

On a recent visit to Bloesem I found a 'rare' photo of the home of Irene, who is the woman behind the wildly creative blog Bloesem and B:kids. I have asked her to do a little 'visit' with us so we will see if I can twist her arm to take more photos! (her son is watching Wee See) In the meantime I thought that these inspiring homes would give you a peek into her beautiful blog and you can visit yourself for more information! (and to see more photos!!)

One of the newest homes that she has highlighted is one of my all-time favorites, it is the home of Jurianne Matter. The whole house looks fun, whitty, inspiring and oh so very clean!! (I just like to look at it and dream that my home could look like that...) and of course she is Dutch (so is Irene, although she is now living in Kuala Lumpur) I love that the collections of retro ceramic items make the space really warm and add so much character. (if you visit this post she will give you tips on making this wonderful 'vase' project above), and don't miss reading Jurianne's interview!

I have been a fan of Bloesem for such a long time, I don't say that as in "I knew her when..." I mean that in a sense that she ALWAYS inspires me! And being a blogger myself I know how hard it is to always look great and come up with fresh ideas, but Irene never seems to let me down. I took a peek over the weekend and realized it's been about a month since I have had a visit, and boy is she on a roll at the moment! I can hardly decide what to highlight...

I am on a BLUE kick right now, so this home of Nicolette Brunklaus was just the ticket for me! You can find more of her creations at her website here. You can see in her home that her things combine humor with design perfectly.

And I just couldn't resist a mention of this bag while in my BLUE PHASE... because I love it and I also found her through Bloesem! It is made by Rennes le Chateau- visit her etsy shop to see more!

Then when you have redesigned your home with all of the wonderful inspiration from Bloesem you can move on over to B:kids!

Right now on B:kids she offers a beautiful t-shirt project that turns out very cute and easy to do! There are a lot of kids projects offered online but I like what Irene brings to B:kids because they are always pretty easy and look great! (why go all over to find your projects when she will give you a weekly project to choose from!) oh, and from time to time she will send off a little Nonchalant Mom story... love her for that! (then I always get a deluge of orders from Europe!)

But you can visit her blog yourself to see what you can see!

visit both Bloesem
and for kids B:kids