goddess gathering

Today I found a goldmine of information that I can't wait so share with everyone! But first things first, through my friend Tina, who has me trying out a fasting program that she uses (I will tell you all about it AFTER I do it so I have something to say, next week...) she told me to also take a look at Organic Avenue. I checked it out and spent just over two hours on the site and then drifting off to another site... you know how it goes.

Organic Avenue has an amazing organic cleansing program (among other things) and if I lived in NYC I would high-tail it over there! But alas, I am up here in Rhode Island... BUT I found the perfect excuse, on April 25th they are holding a 'Goddess Gathering' and I think it sounds truly amazing and perfect for the Springtime. It is run by Anastasia Williams, visit her blog to learn more about her, I love her just reading her bio! The Goddess Gathering is a three hour class but sounds like it is full of wonderful insights and yoga and more...

Goddesses Gather
Women play a fundamental role in uplifting the consciousness of humanity, however we must start with ourselves. We are both the key and the door, every woman must take hold of her undeniable ability to sculpt her own life thus nurturing the collective consciousness. Goddesses Gather is a place to honor the visions of ourselves, our ancestors, elders, sisters, daughters and future alike. Through the practical application of Naam Yoga, Meditation, Universal Kabbalah and Creative Play transformation will take place. Join us and elevate your nature as a Goddess in the NOW.

Click here to find out more and don't forget to checkout the cleansing programs that Organic Avenue offer, I think that they must be perfectly perfect, they are organic and I think that it is important to a cleanse, and each L.O.V.E. (this stands for: Live Organic Vegan Experience) cleanse includes juices and recipes to make it very simple and easy.

Also, while checking through their essential oils I saw an oil that I would like to try for the kids next time they are sick. It is just an essential oil combination that you rub on their chest and back, how simple but really perfect for small children who are so pure that even something simple like this can be very powerful. (click here to find the oil)
There are also essential oils that they offer for pregnancy and labor, I love that idea!! Don't miss all of the wonderful things this website has to offer, read it all and study!

Stay tuned as I interview Rose-Marie Swift next on her amazing organic makeup products (boy have I been looking for this kind of thing for a LONG time).

Visit Organic Avenue by clicking here