The change of seasons!

The change of season's, beautiful isn't it!? But sometimes I feel as though the change of season's makes me feel sick, I mean literally... my stomach just feels like I want to barf, maybe a headache from time to time (although usually I NEVER get them...), and the overall feeling that a cold is coming on, but then it never really does. Over the past few years I have been 'listening' to my body go through this when the major seasonal change comes upon us, from Winter to Spring and from Fall to Winter.

To me it makes perfect sense that in the Springtime my body would say, "what the heck are you doing with all this weight on you?" and I am sure that my body craves lighter foods and less food. I think that this would be a good time to fast, clean out the fatty winter toxins from our hibernation and get out and walk, exercise and eat less. I also think it's a great time to start skin brushing (see my previous blog) with my sisters Britt Beautiful Skin system. Cleaning out your lymph system just sounds like the answer to me as this is the system in your body that cleans out all the garbage!

Even though our kids happen to be healthy at the moment (knock on wood) I have heard most of our friends and neighbors complain that their kids have a cold or soar throat right now, kids are a good sign as they have no way of suppressing their 'sickness', they just plain don't feel good. My kids just don't really feel like eating so I have moved to just putting out carrots and celery sticks or apples and pears randomly throughout the day... and while they are at school their lunchboxes look more "fresh" now then they did in the Winter. I think that a soar throat at this time is common as the pollen starts to flow in the air and we just aren't used to it yet.

This is a good time to watch the candy and sugar that your kids are eating as this can exacerbate any chances of them fighting a cold or soar throat. In our family we use Astralagus to boost our immune system (it's not as strong as Echineacha and I feel better about using it on the kids, you can even buy kid-friendly versions without alcohol), making sure they get lots of sleep and one of my sisters favorite remedies; good-old homemade chicken soup however your family likes it as long as you make it yourself (her belief is that lots of pepper helps). I have also had the suggestion from someone to drink a chinese 'change of season's tea' which is taking 3-4 vegetables and a few cups of water and simmering for about 15-20 minutes and drinking as a tea, it's really delicious and I would like to do it every day! (I use a carrot, a leaf of kale, a piece of yellow onion and if I had a piece of squash I would use it too).

I also think that this is a good time to do a ginger compress. I talk about them a lot and if you are the kind of person to do them, now is a great time! it will give a lots of energy and get your lymph system moving! (here is the blog describing how to do a ginger compress) I know this is lots of information but try any one of these ideas on your or your family and see how it works out for you. (you can click on any of these to find the blogs that I have written related to the subject)


honey (a teaspoon of local honey can help allergies)
bee pollen
ginger compress
season changing tea
skin brushing
cut out sugar from your families diet
chicken soup

what else am I forgetting!?

Let me know any comments you may have on this subject, I would love to hear that I am not alone in this one... and if you try any of these remedies I would also love to hear about what you are doing. So email me or comment (it's best to comment so others can benefit but I know many of you are very private so email is fine).