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I recently had the good fortune of being introduced to the products of Rose-Marie Swift called "rms beauty" and it IS beautiful.

One of my most popular requests is to talk about the 'beauty' products that I use and instead of saying that "I have and it's Dr. Hauschka..." I wanted to find something that I was really proud of using and felt really strongly about it's wholesomeness (and that it wasn't a cosmetic company feeding pretty stories). I am so very excited to introduce you to Rose-Marie Swift and her eponymous beauty line..
rms Beauty -

'An original, pure, organic color cosmetic line created by make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift. Based on living and organic principles each product is created to hydrate and illuminate vital, radiant skin... Consider it skincare with mineral color - giving make-up a whole new meaning.."

visit her website for LOTS of information and startling facts about what you may be using on your skin now. Your skin is your most vital organ and it's very important to know that you are putting on it. As she explains, you may or may not eat organic foods and at least your body and intestines have acids to break it down, when you put things onto your skin to goes directly into your lymph system. On her informational website: beautytruth Rose-Marie shares with you many of facts as well as her personal story that will open your eyes to the truth of the beauty industry and it's chemical-laden products. I can assure you, even as an ardent label-reader I tossed many products in my bathroom after reading what she had to say. She specifically gives you a list of ingredients that you need to look out for, their derivatives and what they really are - it's worth taking a look and her website against what you have in your bathroom.

I thought it would be a good idea to talk with Rose-Marie (isn't she beautiful!) about what she does to get herself ready to go out the door and some more questions, So here is our conversation:

NCM - I loved your tip on your website to take off makeup with olive oil (was it olive..?) and keeping things simple in that way, what is your morning and night routine? do you do anything weekly ie. mask or anything?
RMS - I have never used soap on my face or my body>>>>>yes that is true. I hated the feel and the residue it left as a child so I refused to use it and my mom couldn't use anything on my skin as a baby or I got a rash. . I have always just used raw
organic virgin coconut oil which will be added onto my product line in a few weeks. This oil is not the same as the organic oil you buy in the store. It is a raw oil that has never had heat or chemical alteration done to it whatsoever. So it is alive with all its healing enzymes and anti-oxidants . Coconut oil in its living state is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so is amazing on eating bacteria and germs on the skin etc as well as an natural anti-aging oil.

NCM - What do you not go out of the house without?
RMS - My lip and skin balm......works for everything including cuticles

NCM - And what do you think woman over 30 need most?

RMS - To start using products that feed the skin with healthy products to get a jump start on a natural anti aging regime rather then the toxic chemicals ridden cosmetics that give the illusion that the skin looks younger. Those age the skin faster then anything.

NCM - what about over 40?

RMS - Use way more natural pure oils on their skin and cosmetics that contain them so the skin glows and doesn't look dry and flat.

NCM - are there any supplements that you take for your skin?

RMS - I take fresh organic
ground flax seeds everyday and fish oil ...all for Essential fatty acids which are great for the skin........plus a shot of wheatgrass...the best purifier

NCM - Speaking of supplements there is a lot of talk out there at the moment about vitamin D, I noticed that you encourage at least
20 minutes of sun a day, if you use a sunscreen what do you use? or do you completely stay away..
RMS - I do not wear sun screen because the oils I use on my skin and in my line have natural spf factors and I also do not bask in the sun. We need the sun contrary to what people think for the vitamin D. Vitamin D protects against cancer and synthetic sunscreens stop the absorption of vitamin D. Vitamin D does not work effectively in synthetic form

NCM - My daughter got into my cosmetic bag once and used a blush that I had in there, she got a huge rash from it and it freaked me out and I threw it away, (and I wanted to throw everything in that bag away just by implication...) I am excited by your products because my daughter can use them, not that I want to encourage it, but as you said yourself you loved to make your sisters up at a young age! - maybe you could make a 'girls' kit?

RMS - I would love to make a girls kit . I hope I can one day for sure. The sooner young people learn about healthy cosmetics and start using ones that do not contain chemicals that wreck havoc with their hormone system the better.

NCM - are you
vegan or something like that? or are you pretty casual about your food?
RMS - I am a
vegetarian except when I am in the islands on a photo shoot where I will eat fish caught fresh everyday. To eat meat is a serious problem for people due to the additives ( growth hormones, steroids, anti-biotics, ....the list goes on ) I really wish people understood that and what it is doing to their bodies.

NCM - do you have any remedies for you that you would like to pass on?

NCM - No
High Fructose Corn Syrup.....no Aspartame or artificial sweeteners...... no soda pop and no processed and fast foods foods.....basically nothing from a bag. EVER. Only fresh organic fruit and vegetables ( home cooked meals) and fresh water, air, and life

NCM - I know that you are busy and what are you working on at the moment?

RMS - I am doing 2 lip glosses....a new
eye shadow which will be gorgeous and just finishing the packaging on the pure raw coconut cream cleanser/make-up remover.
NCM - Can you talk a little bit about your ingredients, why do I intrinsically feel that yours are better!
RMS - My ingredients are beyond traditional organic raw materials that the cosmetic manufacturers use in production. I take it one step further by using raw food grade raw materials for their superior healing ability and antioxidant quality (heat used in production of raw ingredients destroys the enzymes and antioxidants)

Now I must leave you to clean out my cosmetic bag and fill it with rms beauty! how exciting! I think that rms beauty together with the Britt Beautiful Skin System (see previous post) could be a perfect Spring gift to yourself!

visit rms beauty by clicking here
visit beautytruth by clicking here

Rose-Marie will also be a part of the Goddess Gather at Organic Avenue if you want to meet her and find out more! - click here to get more information on the Goddess Gather.