Although I am not a catholic I have heard the phrase... and it's been 7 days since my last 'post' and I think I may need to do a few hail mary's! My husband claims it has something to do with Mars being in retrograde, I just think it's the change of seasons but the last two weeks have been so WEIRD! And have reflected such in a total lack of any time to post on my blog! (I hate that...)

I could whisk you through all the various things, the last of which a storm blew a tree down on our property and left us without power for almost three days (oh, and if this hasn't happened to you lately you may not know that your entire house now runs on electricity in one way or another so you are totally out of commission!). We were eating with friends and neighbors, practically living outside, using the fire to heat the house (which in a wind storm isn't such a good idea as your house just fills up with smoke). In the midst of smoke in the house, our fire alarms going off, my husband on the cell phone talking to National Grid, I said to my daughter... come with me to school to pick up Sander, as she was walking out to the car with me she said "What kind of LIFE is this?" ...I couldn't stop laughing!

We kept things pretty positive and had fun with it, using candles, playing games, just keeping things simple. The kids were champions through the whole bit and we had a little celebration with the lights went on again!

We are excited though, it's all turning up and warming up... today we have buds that are peeking out, we are outside cleaning up branches that fell down in the storm and maybe even getting ready for Spring. Each year at this time, reminds me of the movie "Being There" in which Chance explains everything by the cycles of the seasons and everything will be fine in the Spring when the flowers bloom!

Oh how true that statement is...