natural fun and play for kids - Clementine Art

These are wonderful products for you and your kids, all made of completely natural ingredients--and somehow this makes the playing all the more fun, when you KNOW that your kids are using wholesome ingredients. With things like: flour, water salt, cream of tartar in the product list, and colors that come from Tumeric, Carmine and Spinach you know it's all safe and fun! I also think that colors are so much more beautiful when their source is natural, deep rich colors that always make play more inspiring.

Diana first opened a creative art studio in Boulder Colorado where kids could create to their hearts content! Freely and with fun, she offers camps, classes and workshops. It was within Clementine Studio that she thought one day, what if all of these art materials were completely safe and natural? And up spawned Clementine Art.

You can find Modeling Dough, Paint, Markers, Soy Crayons, Soy Crayon Rocks and Glue to top it all off! I think it's an amazing idea and I hope that she has more great ideas to follow! (no pressure!)
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