so much to do....

So much to do... Ever have those weeks (I could say 'days' but this is lasting too long.. so it's turning into a week!) when you have so much to do you can't focus on anything! It's just all urgent! Ah yes... All too familiar to all of you! Then toss in there that your husband is out of town for a few weeks AND the kids are off from school AND new collections are coming in AND Fall 2010 orders are due.. bla bla bla, and then you have PMS and then SOMEHOW you signed your son up for baseball AND soccer... How did it get like this!? (I don't even want to tell you what our house looks like --but I must say that somehow I HAVE found the time to plant some things in my garden and some flowers and a couple of shrubs-ssshhhh... don't tell anyone!--)

When I am 'in it' it's hard to see out of it... and then throw in the pms confusion and I begin to start about ten projects and then drift off to the internet blog-o-sphere! (and it's so hard to come back from there once you're out there!). Well with this I only wanted to say that I feel like this too sometimes!! And no I can't clean up the mess, and why don't we just go out for dinner, and I start to yell at my kids... and that's when I know... as soon as I actually get my period I feel so much RELIEF! and then I feel bad about getting angry with the kids...

Here are some things to help:

Primrose Oil - you can find them organic as a supplement, it's amazing relief from pms and so harmless, you feel good taking it. (I feel like it gives me long patience).

Rescue Remedy - always works... just takes you OVER the problem and out of it!

Staying off sugar - caffeine - dairy - these are big triggers for pms symtoms and if you can clean yourself from them (but I mean totally from your diet, not just for that time period) you won't even know when your period is coming.. HA! how great does that sound!?

Macrobiotic Diet - a macrobiotic diet will take you off the above while it also supports your bodies needs, it's a big commitment but it is has the best payoff, you will learn so much about your lifestyle and your body that will always stay with you!

Acidic Foods - stay away from acidic foods and eat more alkaline, this will help mood swings and help your body to stay strong.

Umeboshi Plums - take a cup of hot kukicha tea and drop in an umeboshi plum and it will practically dissolve while you stir it, when you get to the bottom of your teacup take the pit into your mouth and suck off the 'meat' (I even end up sucking on the pit for a bit, it's sour but really good for you!) - the umeboshi helps to make your blood more alkaline.

Sometimes you just need some support in your life! This time, I was out of Primrose Oil, forgot about rescue remedy, and just had an Ume-tea this morning... aaahhhh the sweet smell of relief!

(image found on internet a blog called: frazzledmom.com)