gardening, just about anywhere!

I came upon this great "idea" "product"... whatever, I love it! I think that one of the biggest problems in gardening is finding the space to garden, and these two companies help you immensely with that problem. I love an herb garden and although we have quite a lot of land to work with somehow the spot for my herb garden has yet to show itself... until now, now I think that I can put it just about anyplace!

Woolly Pocket is a wonderful company from California that will help you create a garden just about anywhere, even attached to a wall! Ingenious! Indoors or outdoors, vertically or as a standing pot (or if you have the space a giant garden woolly pocket!) I love them all and what a great idea! You can turn just about anyplace in your home green an lush with a Woolly Pocket, and we all know how healthy it is to have lots of plants in your home, they actually clean the air you breathe you know!

Did I mention outside... even cooler!

They also offer a school program in which they will help you work with you on how to create a living garden at your local school! I am off to a PTO meeting at my school tonight to see what we can do to get ourselves a Woolly Pocket Garden! That's a Woolly Pocket, 5 pocket wall garden behind the kids -- 40 pockets for 40 kids to have their own garden! what could be better and look how little room these take, how easy!

And another idea....

Another wonderful company, a French one, offers another solution which is similar, but very different! This one helps you create an easily moveable garden. Well maybe the large Basac will not move so easily!?

Two great ideas to help you garden this year!
Add a little bit of LIFE to your LIFE!

visit the Basac website here
visit the Woolly Pocket website here