recipe: papardelle + broccoli

I love this recipe and it's so darn easy! If you want to add protein (but papardelle is egg pasta so you have some there...) to the meal just serve some hard cheese with it (I really like sheep milk Grana, it's cheaper than Parmesan but I think it's better, it's more like what a farmer would eat! and kids like it too even though it's strong) OR maybe some sausages on the side? You could also use sunflower seeds or sesame seeds as condiments (or shake some gomasio on top!)

Papardelle + Broccoli

papardelle pasta
olive oil or butter
1 tablespoon greek yogurt (optional)

-cook papardelle until just-cooked in salted water (al dente doesn't work well with papardelle because it's egg pasta) and throw in the broccoli at the end of cooking until it turns bright green-1 minute (don't over cook!!) and then strain all with pasta

BUT - don't forget to save a cup of the pasta water just in case you need it!

-add olive oil or this is the only pasta dish where I may use butter because the kids love it this way!
-a large spoonful of greek yogurt
-chopped parsely
-lots of pepper and some salt
-add the pasta water if it's too dry

Wasn't that EASY!